How we work with clients

We can provide your business with a skilled workforce to fit your needs. From short-term workforces to help with large orders, long-term assistance and seasonal staffing. 

We pride ourselves on understanding your business, delivering a quality workforce and a fast and reliable service.

We provide our clients with a 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week contact service, with a member of the team on-hand at all times to deal with any queries.
At the start of a contract with our clients we agree in precise terms our standards of service, which include quality of staff and time keeping. If we fail to meet the agreement we compensate our clients as set out in the contract. 

Our fee packages mean that you won’t have to worry about ongoing unknown costs. We design a package to meet your needs and budget, providing reliable and consistent high-quality staffing.

Workforce industries

We supply workforce in the following: 

  • Warehouse workers
  • Administration / office workers
  • Assembly workers
  • Agricultural workers
  • Certified Fork Lift Truck drivers
  • Cleaning staff
  • Collating workers
  • Drivers
  • General construction
  • Loading / unloading staff
  • Machinists
  • Office workers
  • Packers
  • Pickers
  • Production line workers
  • Sorters
  • Stores workers

  • We can also find you staff for any kind of role not listed here.

How we find your workforce

We aim to provide our clients with 100% satisfaction in our workforce.

Our in-house team provide reference checks, employment records, health records and any visa eligibility checks required for each 725 employee.

We personally match our workforce to suit each client’s requirements, tailoring each and every team.

How we manage your workforce

Each of our clients have a dedicated account coordinator to manage the day-to-day needs of the project, taking the stress out of managing a team.

Our coordinators:

  • Manage all agency workers on site and provide continual supervision
  • Provide transport for workers in a 725 minibus
  • Check all staff and prepare them before they arrive on site
  • Provide new staff with inductions before arrival and on-site
  • Learns about your business and team to understand your full needs
  • Mange any issues promptly and efficiently
  • Ensure you have the correct number and calibre of staff
  • Help manage staff turnover, productivity and your labour plans

Want to know more or have a question?

Call our team on 01474 533 745 or email info@725ltd.co.uk


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